Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Another late night by accident.

I didn't intend another late night - I was feeling tired.  My friend Pattie - 100% pure uber 74yr old superwoman popped round to tell me more of her forthcoming Australian trek, with a bit of Dubai chucked in and we ended up pouring over our life experiences and the men we share our lives with....say no more - half a bottle of red later (Pats not me sadly) and we're still chewing the cud at midnight.

I just came in after she left say goodnight to my right hand woman (computer) and before I know it, I am on blogger fiddling around for far too long with the site and felt duly obliged to write something as I haven't for ages.

Despite the fact I have virtually a whole new website to finish and tons of other really important stuff like telling anyone who might be interested in a little 1:1 r&r/creativity/healing/reflection/whatever you need retreat during the last two weeks of Jan and first two weeks of Feb on the utterly beautiful Greek Island of Kefalonia, no tourists, untouched beaches, not much sun I grant you but back into the pure rawness of nature - its soul feeding stuff...where was I?  

Oh yes despite all of the above needing doing, a million other zingy wild creative dreams, books to write, projects to start, vision board/life map to do, workshops to finalize - what do I do?  Go on facebook, go on blogger, mess about and now its nearly 1.30am and I am not tired.  Well I am going to bed regardless.

My next post was meant to be deep meaningful rich, thought provoking and wise....instead I am rambling, incoherent and don't really know what on earth I am saying.  Hey ho - sleep deprivation does that to a middle aged woman with a bad back.  New day tomorrow.

Ponderous question....How can you use artful ways to own your inner voice?

Answer....Check out Lucia Cappachione/Anna Halprin/Willowning on You Tube ...oh yes and ask yourself that question when you are brushing your teeth or washing your breakfast dishes...the answer  will as if by magic appear at some stage during the day - get out of your own way and just let it happen.  Ok bye bye for now and goodnight x 

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