Friday, 25 February 2011

Being our authentic selves

Olive trees fascinate me.  Always strong, even though they sometimes split.  Always steady.  Bearing fruit whatever the weather or circumstance. Steadfast. Beautiful. Authentic.
How are our lives like the Olive Tree?  Are they strong, roots deep in our dreams, growing, evolving, enriching ourselves, living in integrity and authenticity?  Or are we resigned, exhausted, restless, living a life of quiet desperation.  Or are we somewhere in between the two?

What are we depending on for our happiness and well being?  What do we need?  Do we really need it at all?
What do the material things we like to collect, really have to do with the texture, width and depth of our lives?  Where do we get most of our value from?  What denotes a sense of purpose for us?  What makes meaning for us?  Is it always authentic?  
Like the deep roots of an olive tree and the sturdy branches reaching skyward, what carries us through the roughest storms?  Will it disappear at the first big wave.  Is the life we have created, sustaining us regularly or exhausting us more often than not?  How often do we take the time to unearth ourselves, do a bit of inner excavating, a smidgen of gentle self discovery.  Why are we so nervous fearful or reluctant to find out more about what we love, what we like, what we're good at, in a nutshell why don't we find our who we really are, what makes us really tick - what our true and authentic self actually looks at?  Are we too fearful others will think us mad, sad or some other judgement which has no bearing on who we really are?  I have lots of friends who wouldn't know how to or even dream of doing any such work.  They never go to workshops, read self realization material or explore the reasons behind their behaviour .  Thats not me being judgemental  here - thats just the way some of my friends are.  They also see me as a floaty space cadet, a bit fluky, strange but loveable all the same. 

Thats fine.  I don't have any problems with their beliefs.  We're all different.  That's good.  I do however squirm a bit when they start moaning about their lot.  Especially if 'it's not fair' is voiced.  Even more so if someone is begrudging of others.  Not all my friends are like this just a few.  

On the other hand I've got a few mates who are serious chanters.  They clap in corners, dance round a bonfire and know their om padi's like a true professional.  They too are great .  They know what they love and what works for them  .  I admire them tremendously.  I don't however like being given their reasons for anything remotely bad or annoying that happens to me.  I don't want to hear 'Louise Hay says..." When I mention I have backache.  I am not overly impressed to hear Great White Bear has given them a message about my headache,  I don't want to join a sweat lodge or have rebirthing sessions or anything else that I am not interested in.  Keep it to yourself please.

So I guess I sit somewhere between the two.  Along with my same page friends who believe in shooting stars, the power of the dreams, grounded in current reality but moving towards the sublime in small steps.  I live in and with integrity, try my damn hardest not to be judgemental of myself or others and practice kindness wherever I can.  I give myself the power to dream, to believe in magical happenings, angels, and other gorgeous beings and I accept the power gratefully in being a strong courageous woman, who stands tall in quiet confidence while living a life of honesty, love, hope, healing and authenticity.  It's a tall order I aspire to.  Does it make me better than others, better than my friends?  Never.  It's my own individual road map that applies to me.  It works only for me.  It isn't right, wrong or anything else.  It just is.  I just am.  Thats all.  That's enough.

What does an authentic life look like to you?  How do you keep it on track?  Where do you get most of your value?  How do you know you are living authentically?  What are your most important needs?  Do you really need them?  Why?  Where do you get your value from most?  What makes meaning for you?  Does this denote authenticity for you?  Who knows what the answers are.  What I do know is that by asking the questions and getting our of our own way, our magnificent brain will ALWAYS come up with an answer.  It's up to us if we listen or not.  It's up to us if we act on it or not.  Would you prefer to do it or sit in comfort land where nothing changes and let life happen?......

I'll finish with this quote.  "Those who live passionately teach us how to love,  those who love passionately
                                        teach us how to live"   Sarah Ban Breathnach

As ever...your comments are greatly appreciated!

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Chrissie Bond said...

Thought provoking as ever dearest Berni.

My guru Michael, says "Take a moment, breathe, go inside, listen.....all the answers are within".

Love, peace and warm sunshine
Chrissie xx