Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day Four - Soul Time

What is Soul Time.  What does feeding our souls actually mean?  What is our soul?  Where is it?  I don't know the answers to all if the questions surrounding our souls.  I do know what my soul FEELS like to me.  I know if I am out of kilter.  I know how a beautiful sunset makes me feel, how a rich verdant green landscape can reduce me to tears, how a baby's hand holding on to one of my fingers can touch somewhere deep deep down inside of me. By recognizing these deep soul full feelings I am able to know what feeds that part of me.

Today was another beautiful vista day interspersed with painful loneliness and a wanting to feel I belong somewhere.  I wanted to feel someone had my back covered.  I did my waving to mountain men again and they waved back - it brought a smile to my face.  I had a simple supper at a local souvalaki bar with my daughter - the wife of the owner a beautiful woman name Aphrodite was genuinely glad to see us.  She beamed her stunning smile and gave us a kiss - I felt I belonged somewhere if only for a small moment.

Maybe that's just what we have to do. We have to stop and look at the momentary view.  We have to remind ourselves to feel, even if it isn't for a long.  We have to ask the questions to which our amazing brains will come up with the answers. What we do with them, whether we want to hear them, look at them or deal with them is another thing.
We have to ask ourselves often 'What feeds my soul' and stop to listen to what comes up.  We can then ponder it, savour it, roll it around our conscious mind, like melting chocolate on our tongue. We can then digest it and know where we want to go with it, what we want to do with it.  We must give ourselves soul food - it helps us to deal with the crap that life often throws our way.  It helps to give us meaning and purpose.  It helps us say - yes it is tough but look at everything else I am enjoying about this wild crazy life.

What do you say to yourself on a regular basis?  Is it kind nurturing stuff or is the voice of a judgmental parent/teacher chiding you for not being good enough?  Deep down you KNOW you are more than good enough because the only real approval we ever need is our own.  It's lovely lovely gorgeous to get recognition, a pat on the back, a well done from someone - they are the cherries on our own home made cake.  If we only ever baked a cake to get the topping from someone else, our cakes would go stale in the waiting.  We must decorate our own cakes, pat ourselves on our backs ourselves, give good credit to ourselves on a regular basis and shout yes to our own recognition.  Then we are feeding our souls....
The sea feeds my soul.  The sunset feeds my soul.  A full moon feeds my soul.  Supportive friends feed my soul.  Surprises feed my soul.  Shooting stars feed my soul.  Warm bread does it. My husbands smile feeds my soul.  A heartfelt hug feeds my soul.  An unexpected smile feeds my soul.  A heavily lined face feeds my soul.  A passionate heart that never ages feeds my soul.  Love & kindness feeds my soul.  What would your list look like?  How do you take time to feed your soul?  What do you do?  What do you like to see?  What do you feel your soul needs?  How can you find it if only for a minute?  What have you given yourself credit for today?  What are you glad about in your life? What do you dare to dream?
What feeds your soul?

Will you journal, paint, sing, move, vision board your answers?  How will your record what you want?
It is important I ask myself all of the above and more to get a deeper more compassionate sense of my authentic self - then I find it easier to know what my soul really wants, needs and is fed by.
If you resonate with any of this - let me know....until tomorrow xxx


Kim said...

What feeds my soul? The one thing that always has a fast impact on me is a rainbow, it could be just a glimps or a full double arc, it doesn't matter it fully recharges me. The fact it is raining and to some people that is downward mood, but to me it is life a mix the good the bad and the beautiful. Can we ever see the beauty without going through the bad? I have a picture of a double rainbow that appeared after I interviewed to be a communicator, and I have never looked back! You inspire to think about me and for that I am thankful and refulled for the day x

diary of an unfinished woman said...

Thanks Kim - I too love rainbows and got a picture of one coming out of the village last week. You are so right when your say we aren't able to see the beauty without going through the bad - I can always find something in the adversity if I search hard enough. Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate it! x D