Sunday, 2 June 2013

Post Retreats!

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion."

[The Minotaur]” 
― Albert CamusThe Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays

It's been great to get back to doing some writing and a little dabble with the paints and glitter again.
The lovely people who have been and gone over the past six weeks on their individual Breathe in Space Retreat have been delightful and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.  Cooking lovely meals has been a pleasure and showing them around this wild and wonderful island of Kefalonia has been magical.
(Tzanata where we have our retreat)
We've really had a mixed bunch of lovelies!  Some self guiders who just wanted rest and restoration and another lovely woman who wanted time out to take photos for a college course she was taking, whilst being nurtured and looked after.  We had a beautiful soul who was on a very personal journey which was both brave and incredibly difficult and a really intriguing lady who was here for some shamanic soul work, it was a joy to see her attune to the islands energy so quickly.  Not forgetting of course the gorgeous man who wanted a space to get off the fast food merry go round and reaquaint himself with his tastebuds for good fresh non processed food.  He also used the space beautifully to journal, mediate, immerse himself in nature, swim and even do a little artwork (Thank you for your lovely offering!)  You can read more on my website if you are interested in seeing what we've been up to.
It was at times hard work, both emotionally and physically and as ever with each and every guest, I always learn something, either what I need to know right now, something about myself or some other way to do something differently.  All in all it was just great having all of the very diverse people us our little home as their get away from it for a short while.  In one's and two;s the space worked well enough, the weather was incredibly kind to suit all comers, the birds chirped, the bee's buzzed, trees rustled with a warm summer breeze and the sea was just about warm enough for a fresh dip!   And the picnics we shared in special places were just delicious....we made medicine wheels on the beach, labyrinths in the sand, sang our way through the mountains, had an adventure or two, witnessed beautiful sunsets and listened to waves lapping gently against the shore as we ate out under a twinkling black sky.

Secrets were shared, wine was sipped, rune stones picked, numbers analyzed and cards read.  Laughter prevailed, giggles abound, some tears mopped lovingly up, snoozes in the hammock and mountain journeys back home by a huge yellow moon.  Lots of precious moments to recount and remember.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every kind sweet soul who put their faith and trust in a Kefalonia Island, a little house in the mountains and me....I like to think they went home rested, rejuiced, restored and very relaxed.

I am now enjoying a little art time, a little solitude,some extra special moments with my beautiful daughter and my too gorgeous for words grandson, before returning back to the UK to bring some new artful treasures to my patient customers. Not forgetting of course to be reunited with my most gorgeous Mr D whom I have missed in a way like never before.
I shall reconnect with this most magical, timeless place again in July for another month of 1:1 and 1/2 person retreats and a week of all or stand alone artful treasures workshops, including journaling, visionboarding, mixed media, intuitive art, heartful jewellery play glitter and some lovely lunches. 

This week is doing me good - I am restoring lots of little patches that need attention and am renewing my creative energy.

Sadly the Kefalonian weather is pants at the moment!

Just out of interest - what would you most benefit from if you were to come to Kefalonia for a Breathe in Space Retreat?

Answers on a postcard please...only joking the comments box on the blog will do nicely!

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